The Happy Wanderer & Training Through Play

Enrichment Led Dog Walking and Dog Training

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Wandering Photo It's quite easy to spot us on our wanders. We're the small, wonderfully behaved group having loads of fun!
Whilst physical exercise is obviously very important for your dog, an enrichment-led walk incorporating games, skill building and fun learning is just as important. This philosophy is the foundation upon which we prosper. Every wander I do is tailored to the specific group needs and those of the individual on the day and yet I carry with me the flexibility to adapt these wanders should novel opportunities arise through my skills as a games-based, positive dog trainer and coach.

If you're looking to book a wandering place, please contact me where we can arrange a home visit so that your dog can meet and be comfortable with me and we can discuss any specific needs you may have. We will also go for a wander together. The focus of this wander is so that I can assess your dog's character and see where they are best suited with my regular dog personalities.

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